Tying the Knot?

We here at Anthony's house of Formals would like to serve you in the best possible way. We understand that choosing attire for your wedding is very important and we want to help you choose the right tuxedo for that special day. Before coming in to choose attire for your wedding, there's just a few things we'd like you to consider.

Before Choosing...
Please schedule an appointment with us. We like to schedule blocks of time out of the day so that interruptions could be kept to a minimum and maximum time can be spent choosing the perfect attire.

Come in with your fiancé. We want you to make decisions that you are both happy with. Also we'd love to meet you both.

Leave family and friends at home. We find that it becomes a bit distracting for the first time visit. It's the best way we can ensure that you get what you truly want. It's your wedding after all.

Don't send anyone in until you've chosen exactly what you want and it's all down on paper.

Bring in any ideas you may have from magazines or from the internet. We're open to all your ideas and we can probably offer a few of our own.

After choosing...
Send in all the groomsmen, fathers, and ring boys to get measured. All measurements should be in 3 weeks before the date of wedding to ensure prompt assembly of tuxedos.

If you have someone from out of state, have them measured at their local tuxedo shop. All measurements should be complimentary and can be phoned in or emailed.

If you plan on losing weight, let us know. Give us at least a week's notice. That should be enough time to make the necessary adjustments.

The final process...
Depending on the date of your wedding, your parties tuxedos should be ready 2 days prior to the event.

Typically for a Saturday wedding, pick-ups will occur on the Thursday of that week. But whenever you are scheduled to pick-up is the day you should send your party in for their last fittings.

The last fitting is meant for any adjustments that have to made before the wedding. Our tuxedos are rented out every week and rentals don't have a lot of lead-time. So we like to have a two day buffer to smooth out any bumps along the way.

Houston we have a problem...
We ask that all members of the party try on their tuxedos at least a day prior to the event, to ensure a well fitting tuxedo. They should try on the day they are scheduled to pick-up, don't worry we'll remind them.

Adjustments almost always have to be made. But don't worry; if you come out of the dressing room with high waters on we will fix the problem in less than 2o minutes. Typically you will have a well fitting tuxedo by the end of the day, most times sooner.

The measuring tape is only a tool and doesn't always factor in the subtle shapes of a human body. Like you, we are human. We make mistakes and we won't always be right. But we can promise that if problems do arise, that we have the ability to fix them.

Like we always say: Its great to never make mistakes, but its better to know how to fix them. Because the last thing you want to hear on your wedding day is tough luck. Luckily that phrase is not in our vocabulary.

Once all the pick ups are said and done, all you have to worry about is having a great time at your wedding. Oh and maybe the Electric Slide.... but that's not our department.

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