Our story, Our mission.

In 2004, the formalwear industry was in a state of turmoil. Consumer interest was at an all time low, independent owners were closing after years of service, and giant franchises were moving in to capitalize on their demise. Suffice it to say, it was a tough time to be in the tuxedo industry. Opening in 1942, Anthony's house of Formals has always been a leader in formalwear, but during these times our future was also in doubt. We decided then and there that there was still hope in the formalwear industry. It was the hope that formalwear could still be relevant, exciting, and innovative in the 21st century. We wanted to restore the tuxedo's prominence to its rightful place in men's fashion and in the minds of the consumer.

Somewhere along the lines, men lost the value in dressing formally. It is no surprise that this happened. Somewhere in between the wrong information, outdated tuxedos, and terrible service, men lost faith in formalwear and the specialists who serve them. We don't blame them. The industry lost sight of whom we served and how to serve them. But we vowed to change all that by providing what this industry severely lacked. Honest service.

We rather lose the sale than lose the confidence of our customers. We believe that an informed consumer will always be a better consumer. Honest service will always be our most valuable asset because it is the right way to serve. The industry was on a down slope due to misinformation, questionable tactics, and careless attention to the very consumers that keep it going. We want to remedy that. This is why we attend with informed expertise and genuine enthusiasm.

Anthony's opened its doors in 1942 with the intent to provide quality service and quality merchandise. This is true today as it was the day we opened. We have grown in the uniquely outstanding community of East Providence, Rhode Island and have made this place our home. We are proud to have served the people of East Providence and all of New England for over 60 years. We plan to serve for many more years and will always strive to provide the exceptional service we know our customers deserve.

~Anthony's Staff

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