A Bachelor Party, done the right way.

A Bachelor Party shouldn't be done on a whim. I mean it is your last night out as a single man. Why not do it right? World Wise Travel can take care of all the planning. Take a look at their suggestions in their guest article.

Every man should know
how to tie a bowtie.

We've always loved the formal classic and we're glad the rest of the world is catching on. Thanks for joining us, but seriously what took so long? Learn the classic art of tying the bow tie. Swizz Beatz explains, so listen carefully.

How to buy a Killer Tux:
GQ explores new trends.

GQ explores the latest trends in retail tuxedo fashion. Brandon Flowers from the Killers models the latest and greatest. A great article that illustrates the basics when it comes time to stop renting and start owning. The stuff you need to know before the purchase.